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Thread: How to Identify Fake Miu Miu Bags?

  1. Default How to Identify Fake Miu Miu Bags?

    Are there any fakes makers for Miu Miu brand?
    I would like to get a 2nd hand Miu Miu but afraid it will turn out fake.
    Any way to identify?
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    if any good close up pictures available, i think i can help u here. Or you can email the pics so i can reply too.

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    1) miu miu exterior logotype: if you notice carefully, the 'u' is always a little lower aligned from the others. meaning, if u take a ruler and place it at the bottom of the exterior letters, all 3 'm', 'i' & 'u' letters should NOT be falling nicely in a row.

    2) even this can be faked: a little white tag with 1-3 digit numbers that is usually found at the seam of the inner lining of the bag. Usually in the interior pocket.

    I hope this helps ;-)


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    Yes, there are fake Miu Mius around, but not here at deluxemall.

    Ask the seller for clear close-up pictures of the hallmarks of authenticity and I'm sure we would be able to help you out.

    Authenticity markers includes:
    - exterior Miu Miu logo
    - interior Miu Miu plaque
    - white factory code
    - Made in tag

    The last two cam be found along the seams of the interior zippered pocket.

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    Thought I should expand this since there is currently no such thread on Miu Miu.
    I will request Kelly to move this to the Discussion and Authenticity Tips section so that it will hopefully educate more buyers.

    The pictures below are of my Miu Miu bags which have since been sold.
    The Nocciola (brown) was from 2008 and the Ibisco (fuschia) was from 2009.
    Note the subtle differences of the authenticity markers between the two.
    Needless to say, both bags are authentic.

    These are the very photos you should always ask from your seller prior to purchase.
    Post them here or at tPF for authentication.

    Hope this helps!



    3) MADE IN TAG


    *Zippers alone should not be used as an authenticity marker since high grade replicas are also fitted with authentic Lampo and Riri zippers.
    They should be viewed in tandem with other authenticity markers.*

    ---------- Post added at 05:14 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:49 AM ----------

    Local buyers seem to be very fond of cards and such, so I will write a little about it here.

    Unlike Chanel, Miu Miu does not give out any authenticity cards. What it has is a "product card" which identifies the article no, style, leather, colour and the year in which the bag was manufactured. Do note that the SAs in local boutiques will retain this product card at point of purchase. You will only receive the care card and another longer folder to house the receipt.

    Be aware that genuine authenticity cards or care cards do not mean much as they can easily be procured elsewhere if one is determined to cheat and scam.

    However, it is useful to know a genuine product card from a fake one. If I see a seller posting an authentic bag with a fake product card, I would certainly be very wary.



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    Does all Miu Miu have the white tag and the "made in..." on the inside of the bag ?

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