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Thread: Pre-owned: Dior Large Lady Dior in Dark Brown Lambskin

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    Default Pre-owned: Dior Large Lady Dior in Dark Brown Lambskin



    Brand: Dior
    Style: Large Lady Dior
    Colour: DARK BROWN
    Hardware: Gold
    Origin: Italy
    Dimensions: 12.5 L x 5 W x 10 H
    Handle drop: 4

    Only the bag
    Excludes: Box, card, care booklet, dust bag, paper bag, receipt, strap, tag
    Asking price: S$3000

    Condition of the bag

    This bag is pre-owned and in very good condition.
    It holds its shape well.
    The gold hardware has scratches.
    The corners have no scuffings.
    The inside fabric lining is very clean and has no tears.

    To all buyers - Please take a minute to read the following prior to contact. Thanks!

    Due to a recent surge in poor buying etiquette, these issues need to be addressed.

    1. Yes, this bag is still available for sale.
    If it has not been marked sold, it is still available.

    2. No swaps please.
    I am not interested in swaps at all.

    3. This listing has
    FOURTEEN (14!) images.
    If you would like to see more pictures, please be specific.
    That will be infinitely more useful!

    4. Please neither lowball my asking price nor ask for my best price.
    I do not have a best price.
    Don't mar a beautiful bag with an ugly price. That's distasteful behaviour.
    I am open to and will accept all reasonable offers.

    5. The bag will include anything that is stated in the listing,
    nothing more, nothing less.

    6. If you are unsure whether the colour/hardware/material is suitable for you, please research at your end.
    I am ill-equipped to advise you on your needs.
    You know yourself best

    7. Meet-ups are always conducted at my place.

    8. I offer flexible payment plans.
    Please whatsapp me at
    82fivezerofour23four for more information.

    Thanks for looking!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -lady-dior-dark-brown-1.jpg   -lady-dior-dark-brown-2.jpg   -lady-dior-dark-brown-3.jpg  

    -lady-dior-dark-brown-4.jpg   -lady-dior-dark-brown-5.jpg   -lady-dior-dark-brown-6.jpg  

    -lady-dior-dark-brown-7.jpg   -lady-dior-dark-brown-8.jpg   -lady-dior-dark-brown-10.jpg  

    -lady-dior-dark-brown-11.jpg   -lady-dior-dark-brown-12.jpg   -lady-dior-dark-brown-13.jpg  

    -lady-dior-dark-brown-14.jpg   -lady-dior-dark-brown-16.jpg  
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