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Thread: Bank Transfer Scam

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    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to share a recent experience with someone who tried to scam me.
    I received an email from Daniel (Email: about my Chanel Camellia Pumps on Sunday asking whether they were still available. I responded to him saying that it was available. He said that he was in USA while he wanted to item shipped to KL, Malaysia. After I gave him various options for shipping, he picked one and asked for my bank account to make payment. I gave him my bank account details.

    I received the email attached allegedly from Citibank in the USA for “TRANSFER CONFIRMATION MAIL” and Daniel emailed me to say that he has made payment to me. It is plain and obvious that this is a scam calculated to make me ship an item out without payment even being made.

    I will not point out all the flaws in the email since I do not want these scammers to know what their mistakes are. I will just say that I am obviously not a valued customer of Citibank USA and there is no reason why any bank will write to a 3rd party with their clients’ banking information including bank account information. Wire transfers also do not require any “scanned receipts” before a transfer is made.

    I replied Daniel to inform him that I will only ship the item out when I receive payment. I find it laughable that he actually replied me to ask me whether I received the “confirmation” from the bank.

    Do be careful when dealing with buyers online. Scammers will always try their luck. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and ensure that you are not taken for a ride.
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    Thanks for the information

    This scam has been reported before and following is the address that he will give to send it to. Always the same story, he is from USA and send to daughter in Malaysia

    First Name :Ammy
    Last Name :Adrian
    Address:Lot 297, Jalan Peninsula, Pulau Melayu
    Zip-Code :98000
    Country :Malaysia

    Previous reporting:

    And here as well
    I am the Administrator & Moderator here. You can either PM or email me at for any support issues or when you spot a fake bag or any illegal activities here.

    If someone is asking you to pay via western union or bank transfer for sales of bags, please contact us immediately. If you are unsure of your seller, please contact us.

    Please Do not contact me for authentication of bags. Please try the following Bag Authentication Section

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    Hi Kelly,

    The story he gave us is different this time. He said he was buying it for his wife in KL. We requested bank transfer.

    This is where and who he wanted us to send to.

    Name : Zurina Binti Harun
    Address : 3-2,Darhim Condo,Bandar Puteri,47100 PUCHONG, SELANGOR
    City : Kualar Lumpur
    Country : Malaysia

    Everyone just take note.
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    Hi, he did the same thing for our chanel wallet. He opted for payment via payment and said that paypal will release the money after the items are shipped. The most ridiculous part is that he asked us to check our spam email for the ficticious email from paypal.
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    Oh no! Now he is aiming my Dior wallet which i posted. Yesterday he says that he will transfer to me today and also the same thing send the item to his wife and the above add is exactly the same! I received email payment from junk mail today and PayPal says that whatever email they sent will always go to inbox instead of junk mail. Luckily i did not ship out the item. HENG AH!!!
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    Nv ship n banktransfer! See the person face to face transaction. Too many overseas scam already. I dont even wan to ship anything out.
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