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Thread: SCAM ALERT!! Must read!! Buyer name Tim Anthony

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    Sorry cos I'm in a mess here
    I maybe in wrong of user name joy123 but I m confirm I get cheated by user name of momopeach
    As I have just made a deal with momopeach yesterday who name herself as Davis
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    Pls beware of momopeach who names Davis to made deal over deluxemall.
    cos after I apps her about her Celine bag which cannot be authentic
    she just saying won't deal me anymore for it but I pay 1500 for fake mini
    pls help
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    Hi, I am also caught up with many of these scams. These people are usually from Nigeria or Kenya. I once asked for their whatsapp details or they gave them to me and i realise that their numbers start with +855 or something.

    I think I gave them my email too and after that alot of spam messages came in such as your american express card has expired or your citibank account has been hacked or your paypall account and etc.

    DO NOT GIVE OUR YOUR NAME AND EMAIL OR YOUR NAME AND CONTACT NUMBER. These guys are international fraudsters. I believe its an organisation. There are as many as 20+ numbers contacting me after i heatedly quarrelled with those idiots
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    I too hear from him this morning. Told him to pay via PayPal. How now?
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