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Thread: SCAM ALERT!! Must read!! Buyer name Tim Anthony

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    Oh dear,

    Tim Anthony using the user name stbuy contacted me yesterday with regards to buying my Kate Spade wallet and wristlet.

    Is it still for sale? Email me to to schedule meet up or shipment.


    Ok...I'll take the wallet...I'm in USA but want to send it to someone
    in Malaysia,Pls send me total price including postage & bank to bank
    or Paypal is ok for payment....


    Hello ,

    I want option A,I've made the payment.....Do check your email for the
    confirmation mail from Paypal....So kindly ship asap & send the
    shipment receipt to Paypal for their verifications so they can process
    and credit your account just as the normal procedure & also you can
    check your junk mail in case the confirmation mail is there.



    Have you shipped? Because i just received a notification from Paypal
    about the transfer, Is it true that this is the first time you are
    receiving a money transfer from usa your account is not yet
    activated ?? I think this is what is delaying them to credit your
    account, i'm not happy about this at all, because your account needs
    to be activated before you can take the transfer from Paypal ,they has
    debited the account activation fees which is 650sg$ from my
    account...check your inbox and junk mail for the account activations
    email from Paypal.

    The 650sg$ is just a form of verification (As said by Paypal) it will
    be credited back into your account with the 280sg$, so total you will
    get in your account after you have send the 650sg$ to the posb account
    provided and send the ibanking receipt to them is 280sg$ + 650sg$...

    Pls send me the shipment tracking number as well so i can give to my wife!


    I received a spoof email from PayPal with this email add with the username as saying that the amount has been credited to my account.
    However I need to provide the shipping details by 24hrs in order to receive the money.

    After replying to that email with the tracking number, I received another mail from Paypal to inform me that I have to credit $650 to this account number as my Paypal account has never received any payment from US, which I find it very odd so I called PayPal customer service and was advised right away to retrieve item back as no amount has been transferred to my account.
    Do take note that Paypal would address you via name of account holder not "valued customer". Stay Alert ladies..

    This is the email from the fake Paypal

    Dear Valued Customer,

    We are happy to let you know we have confirmed your paypal account and it's ready to be credited because your buyer has already sent us the shipment tracking number. All the verification has been made throughout and Payment of
    SG:$280 is ready to be confirmed into your Paypal account. But while making the transfer we realized that your Paypal account has never got a transfer from an USA Authorized paypal account internationally before ,Which you will need to activate it before you can get the payment in your paypal account. This notifications was got while we are crediting your account with the payment.
    Account Activation - A refundable activation fees of SG:$650 will be paid For account activation from any country across the globe. and you will see the terms and condition for any international activation fees , We have contacted your customer and we have already debited his account with the sum of SG:$650 and now we are in process of crediting your account.

    Note : This amount SG:$650 requested to be paid as already been debited from your customer account and for security reasons you will need to send his SG:$650 back to the representative's address via ATM Banking.

    Note : This said SG:$650 You are sending back will be credited into your paypal account along with the SG:$280. The SG:$650 is just a form of verification and activation fees .IT IS REFUNDABLE.

    Now the total amount that will be credited into Your Paypal account after you have sent the SG:$650 which is already been debited from your customer account and send us the ATM Slip Digitally Scanned Receipt is SG:$650 + SG:$280= Total +.

    We Apologize for any Inconvenience As this is the Lined Policy of paypal to secure both seller and buyer,We have protected you by debiting your customer's account with your payment and now we want to protect him by requesting you send his money before we proceed and credit the payment for you .

    Here is the Banking Information for the
    SG:$650 to be sent via ATM or Online Banking Transfer.

    Account Number - 198-46671-9

    Bank Name - POSB

    After you have send the money through the ATM or Online Banking you will need to send us the ATM Scanned Receipt.

    Note: Once the
    ATM Transfer Scan receipt has been send to us you will receive a "Confirmation Email" from us informing you that the Money has been credited.

    Thank you for using Paypal
    The Paypal Team

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    He is still active. This time using
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    This same guy contacted me 2 weeks ago, under the username: 'skybeauty212', and then again last Friday, with a new username: 'stbuy'. Both accounts have since been suspended, but he's been at this for years, so he'll probably just keep creating new accounts on DeluxeMall..... It would be helpful if people could update this thread with his latest username and email address.

    This was the private message that he sent me on DeluxeMall:
    "Hi! Is it still for sale? Email me to to schedule meet up or shipment."

    Before I read this thread, I didn't know he was a scammer, so I emailed him, although I did ask why his 'skybeauty212' account got suspended, and he told me that it was because of a copyright of his profile pic. The name attached to his email address was "T A".

    In our email correspondence, he told me pretty much the same thing that he told several other members:
    "It's ok! Anyway, Let me take the Chloe 'Mary' satchel,Will that be ok
    for 1,000sg$? I'm currently overseas but want to send it to someone in
    Malaysia,Let me total price including postage & bank to bank or Paypal
    is ok for payment....

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    This guy contacted me too a couple of days ago... And today again to get some items of mine... which have apparently been marked as sold... Clearly, just trying his luck on anything and everything available.

    His email is

    T A <>

    The delivery details he uses are:

    Name : Camila Anthony
    Address : A-13-2,Sutramas Condo,Puchong.
    Zip Code : 47100
    City : Selangor
    Country : Malaysia

    Take care people!
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