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Thread: i think i am scammed :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamlcp View Post
    Sydney Dalia Lisa Dalia Sydney Margilaj Scam

    She has already deleted her account in Instagram "theluxuryclosett"..and change to a new account "bagsbagsbags1"..she claim that she is not with the scammer..her real name is Jessica Jones..(don't believe her shit)

    I discovered that she has another account at poshmark (local register only):

    Please take note..thanks
    I think she has too many accounts already, see like she never give up
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    Hi would like to check if your sis' mobile is 97313756? I just sent a message to validate with her if my chat with a seller is same as the scammer she encountered.
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    I have just been scammed by Sydney Dalia and I feel like a big fool now!! USD5000 went to her and I have nothing! Is there something we could do to this scammer? report her to US embassy in SG and file complain to Please email me at if you are scammed by this scammer too! We need to do something together!!
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    sign...i wish I had seen all these posts beforehand... I was just scammed by her...usd5000!!! I have just filed a complaint with and urged all of you to do so too... so that we can have enough evidence for FBI to bring her down.. I would also urge all of you to file complaints with the bank (Citizens financial Group) that allowed her to keep on deceiving ppl and receiving these monies through their bank accounts! I am also going to write complaint to US embassy in SG to complain about this citizen! If this MArk Margilaj can open an account with his ID, I am sure the US embassy can track their citizen down.

    Can we all do that pleae? I know I have no chance to have my USD5K returned, but I want to bring this scammer to justice within my means... and I know there are many who might have been conned by her stay in silence... Please contact me at if you wish to know more and we could at least do something together.

    Scammer: Mark Marjilaj (Sydney Dalia)
    Acct: 4529128880
    Bank: Citizens Financial Group
    Bank Address: 2225 18 Mile Rd
    Sterling Heights, MI 48314
    Bank Phone: (586)-739-2200
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    Omg thank god i researched first!! This seller has a new ig account.. Bag_spa
    Almost sent her 6850 usd..
    I knew it was her bec she sent me picture if payments proof from her buyer
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    I am glad you did not send her any money!! this sydney dalia and Mark Margilaj need to be nailed and jailed soon!! A few people have emailed me that they are almost conned by her and were glad that they researched and saw my post! I am do glad my posts did help others! please help spread the words of this con!! thanks!
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