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Thread: For Sellers who do International Shipping, Please Beware ...

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    Upzz for the day ...

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    Thanks prlow,

    Just to add my 2 cents, I've also received emails from "Very keen" buyers but they want me to ship it to like Nigeria or South Africa etc. I guess now the Greeks are also doing so. Never send out items until you have physically check your bank account/have the cash in hand.

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    I have received this email ,pls be noted don't ship your bag ,once u ship away there is nothing u can do already ,
    Even the transfer number same

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    Again I received this email and sellers pls be warned
    I went to city bank there is no such transaction number existed.

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    i came across also, they use paypal to send email, but in actual, that is not by paypal, is a scam. luckily i called up paypal to check.

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    Please be aware with luxury1819 he selling me a FAKE LV trevi GM bag!!
    Please be aware!! I allready check it on lv store with a real one, and its totally different! The buckle,the strap,and he selling me with paper bag and the receipt fake too!!

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