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Old January 19th, 2012, 02:12 PM

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Default For Sellers who do International Shipping, Please Beware ...

recently, i have dealed with a buyer named Shake Garry. he claimed that he is an American whom lives in USA. he wishes to purchase a bag from me for her daughter as xmas present. Unforunately, his daughter is in Greece to further her education. Hence, he hopes I could help him to ship to Greece. I proceed to get shipping details of where his daughter stays. Swift emails replies from him despite the time differences. I proceed to give him my bank details to get him to make the payments before I proceed to ship out the item.

i received an email titled **MONEY TRANSFER CONFIRMATION MAIL** (TRANSFER ONLINE) from his bank. The email is sent out by CitiBank Group of Company from this email address customerhelpdesk@accountant.com

Please look at the email contents below:


Congratulations !
Congratulations !! Congratulations !!!

Dear Valued Customer,

This acknowledgment sets forth certain terms upon which Mr M Jasio is interested in acquiring some Items and he transferred the Total Amount of USD$-3,048.00

Transfer Number : 1Z3578I438995KLL


Below-Noted Name and Bank account there in.

Bank Name
Bank Account Holder's Name
Item Description
Buyer's Name
Buyers Location


Account Number

Mr. M Jasio

United State Of America

Your Payment has been Processed Successfully on your behalf and it remain the final process to Transfer your money into Your Bank Account, but before this we will need the Shipping Service Shipment Tracking Number of the item before we can activate your bank account .

Buyer's Shipping Address
First Name :Mikra
Last Name :Garry
Address:4-2,lappy avenue house

Please do allow 24 to 72 hours to activated your bank account after verifying the shipment of the item to the buyer.
This is how we work things out here,Concerning the payment for goods and we do hope you will understand us well and comprehend with us about our form of payment to secure both the buyer and seller interest from any type of risk and fraudulent practices that is very rampant via online transactions.

We write to inform you of the readiness of this bank to make the transfer as soon as the shipment is made and verified .

We urge you to please send to us the Shipping Servicescanned receipt of this shipment for a through verification.

This scanned receipt must be digitally snapped and sent to the customer care department of the Bank.

The scanned receipt serves as a reference for the Accounts Department of our Bank .

The receipt number occupies a space on the form for the transfer of the payment to the bank account sent to us by the payee to the Accounts Department.

We verify the genuiety of the Shipment due to the high rate of fraudulent acts on our internet transactions.

It is the duty of this Bank to confirm the genuiety of the Shipment Because most of our users have been scammed in one way or the other by our negligence.

We have introduced many ways by which this scams and frauds can be reduced in our daily transactions...

Normally, Items are Shipped after the conclusion of the bank with the necessary verifications and processing of the transfer,This takes about 24-48 Hours .

However, The Bank Concludes and Transfers Payments under 24 hours in a situation whereby the Transfer Processing have been concluded with.

Bank.......................Designed To Serve You More Better !!!
Regards ,

The order has been APPROVED, you CAN NOW ship the merchandise to the buyer's shipping address. You are expected to make the shipment with 48 hours of receiving this Transfer Payment Approval Notification and get to our Transfer department/Technical Dept. by (customerhelpdept@accountant.com
) with the tracking number for Shipment Verification.

Managing Director

Perhaps I am in banking industry for years, i find something is not really right about this email

1) since when citibank is spelled as CitiBank?
2) why is the email sent out by a domain name 'accountant.com'?
3) I dont remember bank actually does provide this type of banking security services
4) why would a picture of a managing director found on the email?

To give benefit of doubts to this particular buyer, I called up my citi friend and he actually checks with his counterparts in USA branch. True enough, no such MD in that branch.

after which, i replied his email asking for his full name, identification nos, address and his bank full details so that I can proceed to remit as per his 'bank' request. He went MIA after that.

I thought it would be useful fto share this piece of info to members who do international shipping. Please beware as these buyers actually get very financial savvy to 'fool' us in shipping out the items.

Hope this article helps! Thanks
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Upzz for the day ...
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Old April 19th, 2012, 11:45 AM

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Thanks prlow,

Just to add my 2 cents, I've also received emails from "Very keen" buyers but they want me to ship it to like Nigeria or South Africa etc. I guess now the Greeks are also doing so. Never send out items until you have physically check your bank account/have the cash in hand.
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prlow (April 20th, 2012)
Old June 25th, 2012, 11:01 AM

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I have received this email ,pls be noted don't ship your bag ,once u ship away there is nothing u can do already ,
Even the transfer number same
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Old August 16th, 2012, 03:53 PM

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Again I received this email and sellers pls be warned
I went to city bank there is no such transaction number existed.
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Adel25 (August 16th, 2012)
Old August 29th, 2012, 01:55 PM

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i came across also, they use paypal to send email, but in actual, that is not by paypal, is a scam. luckily i called up paypal to check.
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fashionforall (August 30th, 2012)
Old September 2nd, 2012, 12:01 AM

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Please be aware with luxury1819 he selling me a FAKE LV trevi GM bag!!
Please be aware!! I allready check it on lv store with a real one, and its totally different! The buckle,the strap,and he selling me with paper bag and the receipt fake too!!
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