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    Dear Members, Guest and Fellow Bag Lovers,

    Thanks for all your support

    We were launched in 2009 and I really appreciate all your pouring responses and support. To reach the traffic that we currently enjoy is not an easy task, we spend huge amount of time and $$$ in marketing and advertising. We even paid a huge amount just to buy "deluxemall" from the previous owner just incase anyone should type of the domain wrongly. As we are still new and just a humble classified, we are looking ways to improve ourselves, your feedback is always appreciated.

    Our aim is to make this a safe place to buy and sell used handbag as we all know there are many fake bags around. We want to give buyers some form of confident when they visit deluxmall and not a haven for replica. This is a challenging task for us as we continue to innovate to build that confidence. In the coming months, we are planning to implement "methods" to "endorsed" sellers so that buyers are reassured. This will help to benefit both sellers and buyers, when buyers have confidence, sellers can sell more, vice versa.

    If you think you have benefit from Deluxemall, please reply to this thread drop us a note or a thank you

    We will really really appreciate for all the time and effort we put in for the past few months in making this happen

    Thank you all.

    Warmest Regards,
    Kelly and the rest of the team

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    thanks for the advice the other day. I finally got my SPEEDY

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    Deluxmall's friendly and efficient service to bag buyers are reassuring and reliable. Gives me peace of mind from not buying fake bags from unethical sellers! Keep up this unique service!

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    thumb up for you Kelly

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    I'm a newbie here everyday look at the seller and buyer post. Today I saw a post about the LV Damier Nverfull PM for sale. One thing I cannot understand is why her bag do have a barcode which my do not have. I brought it in Singapore LV boutique. Really learn alot from here. Hope more people like me come in here to learn. Many Thank

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    Like JT, i'm a newbie too. I've learnt & benefit a lot from Deluxmall. I'm reassured of the bags' authenticity & am confident to buy from the sellers here. To-date I've bought 3 bags from here. GREAT WORK Deluxmall!

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