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Thread: Coach professional cleaning?

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    Sorry I dont know where to post this... Just wanna ask if all the Coach boutique in SG provide cleaning for our handbags? Do you mind sharing how much you spent for the cleaning? One of my bag kena wax...........
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    I have no idea about Coach in Singapore, but Coach in the USA does not do cleanings, they used to a looong time ago, but not anymore. IS you bag made out of fabric? If so, the Coach cleaner will work wonders. If the bag is a leather one, I recommend you buy apple care products, the leather cleaner works great with leather. If I am not mistaking Interesting shop @ the Adelphi had sells apple conditioner and cleaner. Good luck!!
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    Mine is the sateen... gonna bring my bag to the boutique tmr see if they can help . Heartpain...
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