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    Hello fellow DMers

    Just wanna share some info about bag cleaning companies here and my personal experience. All those with "attachments" to their bags will understand that even sending their bags for cleaning can be a big event.

    This is a recent article by HerWorld where they rated a few bag cleaning co. in Spore. A few you may have heard before. Of course, views are all subjective. But it is always good to know.

    Here is my perspective based on personal experience. I only tried ColorWash at Siglap Ctr and BagSpa at International Plaza.

    ColorWash: Introduced by friends years ago who raved about the outlet at ChinaSq. Sent my Gucci mono canvas bag in for cleaning when my hubby accidentally dripped yellow curry all over the bag I managed to use water & tissue to wipe away the curry within 5 mins but there was still a small and very very faint yellowish patch left behind. The lady was very nice but could not promise that the bag would come out alright as the tumeric in the curry cld have run deeper into the bag and cause color changes after the washing. She asked me if I still wanted to give it a try but it wld be at my own risk. But she also gave me alot of assurance that they will try their best and if they should discover that something go wrong in the middle of the process they would stop and call to let me know. That was so nice of them. I said ok cos I really felt that I removed most of the stains and due to her assurance too. 1 week later I collected my bag and viola! it was cleaner then I have seen it b4 and smelled good too. Even the white straps were so clean they looked new!! It cost me $70 but it was worth it.

    For Chanel lovers ... I have enquired at Chanel MBS if they do repairs for the metallics and they said No. Not the old nor the new metallics at all. But they referred me to enquire at Colorwash at Mandarin gallery and the mgr was nice to provide me their namecard. Actually I doubt Colorwash can do anything about the metallics peeling issue. But you can try if u need. They may have a way to superficially "hide" those marks.

    BagSpa at IP: I've always had a good impression of them since alot of corporate ladies send their bags there for cleaning. I know Chanels & LVs have passed the test with flying colors. BUT and I must really stress this, you may not want to send your Balanciaga bag there .... I felt that they really gave me a false sense of optimism and overcharged me. When I told them I wanted most scuffings to be touched up, resins (the edge of bag) to be repaired, and a few other minor repair to be done + biocleaning, she din warn me about anything, just said ok she'll pass it on to the people at their factory to do it and do as best to their abilities. She even commented that the condition and the leather on my bag felt better then other Bbags they have received and that made me feel that perhaps my bag had smaller issues then I imagined since they sounded so confident. When the bag came back after 2 weeks, I was disappointed. I spend $120 on cleaning and I felt it only looked slightly cleaner. I wondered if I could have simply used leather conditioner and cleaned it myself. Another $80 on touch ups etc ... but I could still see scuffings thru some of the touch ups. Resins were not repaired in all the areas I pointed out and some of the minor repairs I asked for could not be done. Most importantly, I told her I felt the bag was drier! If ur a Bal owner, u know why retaining the smooshy texture is so important to u! oooh. Previously the handles were slightly darkened but nicely firm. But now they were softer, had a wet touch and not as nice to handle. The color also had not lightened I told her I was overpaying for the work done but she claimed it was very good already. Bag was MUCH cleaner AND they did alot of work(?) but it's too bad that I liked Balenciaga as Bal leather quality not good thats why suffer all the problems that I had asked her to mend and that's the best she could do?! Huh? 1st of all, I think it's in bad taste to pass comments on the quality of your customers' bags when you aren't an expert. 2ndly, I wonder why then she did not explain all this clearly to me b4 I agreed to use their svcs? If they had serviced Bal bags in the past, they should know what they are capable of and what they are not and let the customers know? Is it all about the $$$ and bottom line? This was my first Bbag and I felt like I've gone thru a whole rite of passage with it. Definitely more intense then my LVs or Chanels. Needless to say, am not sending my other bags to BagSpa no matter what kind of transformation they can do for them.

    So, no matter whether it is your Coach, Gucci, LV, Chanel, Bal or Celine, do exhaust any questions you may have with the bag cleaning co. till you feel confident with them. Afterall, we spend time, energy and $$ to search for the bags we like, others should also treat your bag with the same love and respect!
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    How about the bag & shoe aesthetics, cleanique or the bag spa? Any updated reviews on their cleaning services and prices?
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