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Thread: How to Subscribed Threads & Email Notification

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    Default How to Subscribed Threads & Email Notification

    In the past, when you reply or create a new thread, you shall be automatically subscribed to the thread.

    When you subscribed to a thread, you shall receive notification email whenever anyone post or reply to your thread.

    This has created nuisance to many members that unknowingly subscribed to a thread and keep getting notification emails whenever the seller bump the thread or whenever any other members replied.

    To address this issue, with effect from today, you will need to manually subscribed to threads if you like to receive email notifications. It will not be automated like in the past.

    We are also sorry to inform that we have also cleared all thread subscription for all members as there are far too many complaints from Technophobia members who are complaining that we spamming them with notification emails. They are unaware they have subscribed to thread by replying to it or how to deactivate from it.

    What is subscribed threads
    When you subscribe to thread, you will get notification email when someone or anyone replied to the thread.

    What are benefits of subscribing threads
    When you subscribe to threads, you will get notification if there are any replies on that thread.

    If you are selling an items, you will get a notification email when someone replied to your theads.

    Can you remove subscription after enabling it threads
    Yes, follow the following instructions:

    >> Top menu (under Testmonial), Click UseCP
    >> Side Menu, Click List Subscriptions
    >> You can disable there.

    How to manually subscribed threads
    Step 1: Go to that thread you wish to subscribe

    Step 2: You can select whether you want email notification or not

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