We are pleased to invite Castira as one of our recommended authenticator at Deluxemall and our affilated site, Bagnatic.com

To make it more affordable for all our members, Castira has agreed to charge only $6.00 instead of the normal rates of $8.00 as published on their site for each authentication.

The following condition applies to enjoy the discounted rate

  • Bag to be authenticated must be listed at Deluxemall or Bagnatic

For more information, you can visit and contact Castira
Castira.com - Designer Handbags Boutique and Authentications

Why do you want to engage a professional authenticator?

  1. Because No Retail shop will tell you if it is real or fake
  2. Because Free authentication service may not give you the best result
  3. As proof for claim submission to Paypal

Beware of Stolen Photo ... Read Here First
To truly benefit from the authentication service, you first has to ensure that the photo you are sending to the authenticator belong to the seller.

You will be wasting your money if you sending an authentic photo of the bag that the scam artist steal from somewhere else.

To ensure the photo belong to the seller. I will request seller to include his or her username at Deluxemall in the photo.

What you should send to the authenticator

  • Email several photo in the following format include tag, hardware etc. (if you are unsure, check with the authenticator on what is needed)
  • Email link of the bag for sale
  • Email username of the seller

Deluxemall does not profit from any bags that is authenticated by Castira.com. There are other bag authentication service providers out there Click Here for complete list