With the recent Spree Scam, we have decided to implement stricter measures for all Spree organizers with effect from today.

If you are conducting a Spree now, you are given till 31st July 2013 to comply by submitting your application to be an approved Spree organizer. Failing to do so your thread shall be closed and deleted.

Being a Spree organizer is not a marketing tool
The one and only reason why we take the effort to verify spree organizers is to keep our members safe. This shall not be taken as a marketing tool for any spree organizers to advertise themselves. Anyone found doing so shall be removed them from the list of spree organizer. If you spot someone doing it, they shall and will be removed from being a spree organizer.
If you like to Conduct a Spree
You need to an approved Spree organizer to conduct any Spree of any kind here at Deluxemall. If you plan to take part in a Spree, please make sure your Spree organizer is Approved. See the List of Approved Spree Organizer Here.

To apply to be an approved Spree organizer, you need to be a member for at least 1 year

You will also need to provide us the following information:

Name (as in NRIC)
Username (Deluxemall)
Home Address:
Postal Code
Phone Number

Mandatory: Photo of your NRIC is required both front and back is required for us to verify the information you submitted to us. Only Singaporean can apply to be verified

Please provide us the information below:
Click here to Apply to be an Approved Spree Organizer

After your account has been approved by us, your usernames shall be added below:
Click Here to View the List of Approved Spree Organizer at Deluxemall

Only after your account is approved by us. You are allowed to create your Spree. It is mandatory that you include the following information in the thread

  1. Terms & Conditions
  2. Bank Account Information
  3. Spree Starting Date
  4. Spree Closing Date
  5. Estimated Delivery Date

If you like to Take Part in a Spree

You are to reply to the Spree thread created by the Spree Organizer with amount deposited. This is allow us to trace and track all the members taking part in the spree incase if there is a fraud. Failing to do so will only put yourself at risk.

For example

Amount deposited: $100
Date: 12/03/2013
Other Rules and Regulations

  1. Only Bags and accessories Spree are allowed
  2. Spree can only be conducted in this section. Any members that are found to conduct Spree outside the Spree section shall have their account suspended.

Even with this safety measures in place, we shall not be hold responsible for any fraud, scam or fake bag purchase here. In no event shall we be liable to you for any damages, losses, expenses, liabilities under any causes of action.

Is your Personal Information safe with us?
Deluxemall DOES NOT sell or release names to members, individuals, agencies or organizations except as lawfully required by appropriate legal process such as a subpoena, court order, Singapore Police Force or other valid legal process.

This is to say, we will NOT disclose the personal information of the Spree organiser unless you have filed a police report and the authority request us to disclose this information to them.

Under no circumstance shall we disclose this personal information to any members when requested.

Verification of members coming soon
We have planned to verified members as well. Click here for more detail

Purpose of Hall of Shame and our commitment to respect the privacy of our members information.
Take your time to read the following information as it concern every members at Deluxemall

The submission of the spree application form does not mean that we has approved your application. We reserves the right to reject any application or spree without assigning any reason whatsoever.