User Verification Process or UVP is currently implemented in Deluxemall's Coach section to establish authenticity of identities of user.

What is User Verification Process (UVP)?
User Verification process is a security measure introduced by Deluxemall for user posting in the Coach section only. Its purpose is to verify users by request users to provide additional information for security check. We shall verified this added information provided by the user to determine the overall trustworthiness of the user.

How is user verification process conducted?
Following explain how the user verification process is conducted

  1. User to be verified shall receive an email from the administrator of Deluxemall requesting to provide their name, username and mailing address.
  2. The administrator of Deluxemall will then snail mailed a verification code to the mailing address provided by the user.
  3. Upon receiving the snail mail, user shall follow the instruction on the snail mail and email us the verification code to complete the verification process.

The added information provided by user is solely for the purpose of verification only.

If I am requested by the administrator to be verified, does that mean I am doing something wrong?

Are all members verified?
No, only selected members are verified?

Who are been verified and why am I selected?
We are constantly updating our requirements for verification. Reasons can vary from the number of listings, photo used, location of user, IP address of user, user current and past activities etc.

Is it safe to buy from verified users or non-verified users?
Our verification process does not constitute an endorsement of a user or a guarantee of a user's business practices. The only purpose of the verification process is to increases the overall security of Deluxemall. User verification process is an internal process, we do not disclose who are the verified users.

What happen if I do not wish to be verified?
User Verification Process is an option, we are not in a position to force anyone to be verified.

What if I choose not to be verified?
If a user chose not to be verified. Our course of action vary depending on the reason for his or her verification.

Who are the verified users?
Deluxemall does not disclose who they verified because the verification process is not an endorsement process.

Are all user verified?
No, only selected users are verified.

Can I choose to be verified?
No, you cannot choose to be verified. Only we choose who to be verified.

If I have been verified can I use it as a “marketing tactics” to increase my profile as a seller?
No, verification process is not an endorsement. Any seller use the verification process as an endorsement to increase their seller profile may have their account suspended.

With the user verification process in place, does that make everyone selling here at the Coach section trustworthy?
No, verification process is an internal process for us to ferreting out illegal listings including counterfeit listing. It is not 100% fool proof as not all users are verified.