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四季优美升级版随便果 / Gwogwo Fruit (Sui-bian-guo)

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As a product, the fermented plum has several different names in the market. Well known for its main function of expelling internal toxins and treating constipation and, it has been regarded as one of the major natural food products in Taiwan and most Asian countries. In 2014, MIUMIU, a legendary China Wenzhou business girl, devised the Sui-bian-guo (Gwogwo Fruit) name and brand for the product, and introduced it to the market of mainland China. Suibianguo literally means, the fruit that is useful and simple to use or the fruit that can be eaten anytime and anywhere.

Sui-bian-guo is researched and developed by using green plum as its carrier and mixed with five natural herbs and plants, i.e. mulberry leaf powder, cassia seed,semen pruni, yerba mate and natural carotenoids. It is not a laxative, it is a functional fruit food and it contains no chemicals, no artificial flavoring or preservatives, but purely natural herbs and plants.

What do these herbs and plants do? 随便果中本草的作用

Suitable for? 随便果适用人群

Recommended Usage and Dosage 食用说明
For general well-being and expelling internal toxins:
Take one or two Sui-bian-guo every second or third day after a meal. Drink plenty of water. Ideally take Sui-bian-guo with milk.

For constipation:
For the initial week, take one or two Sui-bian-guo a day before or after a meal; from the following week, take one Sui-bian-guo every second or third day before sleep at night. Drink plenty of water, do moderate exercise and take adequate rest.

For belly fat:
Take one Sui-bian-guo half an hour or an hour before lunch and dinner. Drink plenty of water.
For acne and pimples:
Take one Sui-bian-guo before lunch and one before sleep at night. Drink plenty of water.
For smokers and alcoholics:
Take one or two Sui-bian-guo daily; but for alcoholics, take one half an hour before drinking any alcohol, and take another one immediately when feeling drunk and you wonít get a hangover the next day.


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