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Thread: Chanel is cheaper in which part of Europe?

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    i think for some of the bigger products may be cheaper in London, specifically in heathrow airport!
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    Not sure what exactly are bigger products, but UK will be cheaper only if the quid plummets, or if the euro soars. The stocks at Heathrow are pretty blah, its very hard to get classics there. I tried a few times to get M/Ls, Jumbos, Maxis and even GSTs, but they are always OOS. I did find some treasures in the form of wallets and CJs there though...

    I noticed that PSTs are always in stock at Heathrow...maybe its because PSTs are not that sought-after compared to the other classics..
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    yeah true! classics are always oos in heathrow cause they are so much cheaper!
    my sister went last year to get a jumbo double flap for 1800$ less (as compared to sg)
    not sure about the price now though.. heard that chanel increased price by 20% worldwide.
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    Oh, any place in the popular region of western Europe like UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Denmark etc is much cheaper than they crayzee SG prices, but the cheapest place to get it now is still in Paris. Not if Switzerland offers a good price as the rest cos I recalled that the Swiss VAT rebate is sadly a mere 5%.

    Sigh, the recent price increase is sheer madness
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    Chanel has just increased the prices on their classic bags. It's a huge increase!
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    After the prices harmonisation by Chanel. Is almost same between Paris and Singapore?
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