Flair Closet Spree~!

Dear customers,

1) Imported Shoe Spree 6

estimate to arive within 2 weeks~!

2) Mini Bag Spree~!

bags estimate to arrive within 2 wks

3) Agnes B Inspired Spree 2~!

New Designs added~!

estimated to arrive in 2wk after payment is made to supplier

4) Inspired Lacoste Spree 3~!

includes short & long sleeve versions!

we have seen the polo tee, the quality is good
we have many repeat customers buying our polo tee frm spree 1 and during backorder!

estimated to reach within 2 weeks after spree closed~!

visit http://flair-closet.livejournal.com to order now~!

short-sleeve polo tee
at only $25~!
long-sleeve polo at only $34~!

Please note

Supplier claimed that the polo tee are overstocks frm factory, and all are made from Peru. Each polo tee comes with a lacoste price tag, and lacoste plastic packaging(shown in e entry). However, as the rate is much lower than retail outlet, we decided to play it safe and not claimed that they are authentic.

visit us at http://flair-closet.livejournal.com!