To further combat both local and overseas scam. We are stating new Rules with effect from 1st Feb 2013 for both local and sellers out of Singapore. We apologize as we understand this may cause inconvenience for future posting.

For Local seller if you are from Singapore

1. Each sales item must be accompanied with photo of the item (Mandatory). If you are unable to upload, please email to us at [email protected] along with the link of that listing or username and we shall upload for you.

2. No stock photo or stolen photo allowed (Mandatory)

3. It is highly recommend that the photo is taken in the following. We reserve the right to request for the photo if required. (Recommended)*

4. Mode of transaction or payment must be specify (Mandatory)
o COD or Bank transfer etc
o If Deposit or Bank Transfer is required, please specify your bank account in your listing

Especially if you are conducting spree or you require deposit or pre-payment.

For Overseas Seller out of Singapore (with immediate effect)

Sellers from out Singapore are no longer allowed to post and sell here at Deluxemall.

Anyone found doing so, shall have their account banned and threads deleted.

If you spot someone not complying, please report to us immediately. All reports are private and confidential.

If you any question on this new ruling, please contact us.

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