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Thread: How to blacklist a buyer from here?

  1. Default How to blacklist a buyer from here?

    May I know how do I blacklist a buyer at deluxemall pls?

    Pls advice. thks
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    You cannot blacklist members for sour deals however we will banned members for selling fakes.

    The only way to blacklist a seller is to add comments on their profile page

    For example, mine is below
    I am the Administrator & Moderator here. You can either PM or email me at for any support issues or when you spot a fake bag or any illegal activities here.

    If someone is asking you to pay via western union or bank transfer for sales of bags, please contact us immediately. If you are unsure of your seller, please contact us.

    Please Do not contact me for authentication of bags. Please try the following Bag Authentication Section

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    check out this... I just asked seller to contact me when she would wanna sell lower. I got a LECTURE in e end.

    Originally Posted by jewels
    Willing to deal at $2k??
    Originally Posted by chapge86
    Frankly, my cost price already above $2K. Local retail shop is selling 2900SGD
    Originally Posted by jewels
    But yours not locally bought right? If u ever wanna fast deal at $2k, pls contact me. Thanks
    Originally Posted by chapge86
    told you many times 2k is still below my buy price even is from europe and ask you one questions will you carry all the way from europe and sell at below or equal to your buy price ? despite all the effort and trouble you made ?? 2540 is my best price for your peruse
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    to be frank, although she bought from Europe but Europe price isnt cheap, most of the seller earn 10%-20% max commission only, you asking price is way too low.
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    I think if buyers are sincere, nego for $100-200 off the selling price it's perfectly normal. But, some buyers just simply love to low ball.
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    Agree with u. Some r worst. Agreed to deal n I ask for deposit $600 she agreed then a bit concern so I offer only $50 deposit for a lindy30 I mean is reasonable. What if she MIA? I gonna carry box n all back home again? Just because I didn't pick up her call as I was busy she said she cancel the deal where I called her back immediately after 2mins. This is so ridiculous! Somemore she is a seller. Then she nego price again. I feel this is not right Still say buyer n seller have the right. I don't think she is sincere. Gonna post her under dead buyer.
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