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Thread: Sellers beware!!! Beware of an enthusiastic buyer who insists on doing bank transfer

  1. Default Sellers beware!!! Beware of an enthusiastic buyer who insists on doing bank transfer

    Most posts here are to alert buyers of fraudulent activities. I had an interesting encounter today 2pm which I thought was important information to share with all sincere sellers..

    I received an email from a buyer who claimed she is very interested in the bag I posted and she even negotiated the price slightly with me. Within 10min of email correspondence she sent me a printscreen of Posb savings bank transfer after coaxing me to give my account number. Of cos I was stunned that she transferred the money to me w/o havng seen my bag in person so I suggested for her to meet today to pass her the bag.

    She insisted that I meet her at a taxi stand at the east side which is really inconvenient for me so I declined with a suggesting of my preferred location. ( basically she wanted to coax me to dro off the bag to her at the taxi stand and go off since I had assurance I had received payment) I obviously had to go home to take the bag. Of course I checked my account once I'm home. Guess what? There's no credit of the said amount. More interestingly, her very real looking Posb savings account number is INVALID. Police and bank have been Reported to.

    This fraudster actually went through the trouble to fake a very real looking bank transfer screen. I was wondering if she would chase me for deliver of the bag. Surprisingly she had the audacity to email me at 630 pm again to arrange to pick the bag. I mentioned for her to check if her account had been debited as I didn't receive the funds and ask her to deal with cashin person tm. Never heardfrom her since.

    I'm not sure if I can disclose her email address here. Maybe administrator Kelly can advise. Just thought all genuine sellers should beware frauds work both ways.
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    Please kindly post her username here
    I am the Administrator & Moderator here. You can either PM or email me at [email protected] for any support issues or when you spot a fake bag or any illegal activities here.

    If someone is asking you to pay via western union or bank transfer for sales of bags, please contact us immediately. If you are unsure of your seller, please contact us.

    Please Do not contact me for authentication of bags. Please try the following Bag Authentication Section

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    There a well known scammer the same in smh anna***** not sure if its the same
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    yes.. I met one too.

    she interested to purchase a bag from me and the amount was SGD2.3K. She transferred me in full sum within 5mins after our *short* facebook inbox conversation.

    I forgot her name and her facebook profile do not have display picture.

    Yes! The print screen is like real with date, time and account no. as well.

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    It happened to me on last year
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    Hope *********** you didnt got cheated by her..

    Gosh.. how can these ppl exist?!

    anyway i always practice COD to be fair for both parties
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    however, i always check my bank account before release my goods to buyer.

    I love to COD too as this is good for both parties but i always met the dead buyer =( so headache..

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    so now i practice 1st come 1st served. Anyone transfer me 1st i will release my goods to them..
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