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Thread: Read here before you POST IN THE HALL OF SHAME

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    Exclamation Read here before you POST IN THE HALL OF SHAME

    As a forum, we allow our members to express and share an opinion and experience as all of us have the benefit of the law of "free speech". However, please ensure that your robust opinion and experience is precisely that, and that it does not include malicious statements, and repeated, untruthful, assertions when it comes to posting here in the Hall of Shame. All creator of post is required information of their personal information when needed to ensure the authenticity of their account

    Please refrain from making potentially defamatory posts. Defamatory material posted on the forums threatens the well-being of Deluxemall and shall be removed or censored without notice. Also, try your best not to post any personal detail of any kind. Dun worry we will not ban anyone unnecessary for your comments. We shall censor any content which we find inappropriate and warn members who made false accusation and slandering comments.

    Unfortunately, a transaction is a private agreement between both parties and we have to respect that. As a moderator we have no rights to interfere. All of us can express and share our opinion and complaint so that others can learn from it but we do not run like a "mafia forum" to threat individual life.

    We really appreciate everyone pouring comments but let all try to "moderate" a little in our statement.


    • A buyer decide not to buy after viewing the bag
    • Either party decide not to swap
    • A seller decide not to sell
    • Slandering, personal attack, slanderous attack, abusive comment and name calling
    • Lying and making false accusation
    • A deal that went sour

    What is ALLOWED to be posted here IN THE HALL OF SHAME...

    • A seller selling fake bag
    • A seller ask money to be transfer or deposit but fail to deliver the bag or his/her promises
    • Intention to cheat and deceive
    • A police report has been filed

    For those who are selling or buying or exchanging at deluxemall, lets all do it ethically with good faith.

    Let not waste anyone time or money. It is ok not to buy or exchange or sell but if you have given verbal agreement to someone on the transaction, just go ahead with it.

    Singapore is small but the internet world is even smaller, as we are a popular forum these days, all userID get indexed easily.

    Finally with that being said, our position still stand and that is we still promote sharing of information and experience so do not be afraid to post. I understand we grew up in a conservative culture where we were raised to "mind our own business" but if you do not spill the beans this time round, you may be the victim the next time round.


    The whole objective of a deluxemall is to build a community where people share information else we will be just like any other classified out there.

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    Just to clarify the "here" in my first post on top refer to postings in the hall of shame. On What is allowed and what is not to be posted in the hall of shame section.

    We also have no plan to allow anyone to honestly sell fake here.

    We have edited this post with those words in BOLD just so that it is clearer.
    I am the Administrator & Moderator here. You can either PM or email me at [email protected] for any support issues or when you spot a fake bag or any illegal activities here.

    If someone is asking you to pay via western union or bank transfer for sales of bags, please contact us immediately. If you are unsure of your seller, please contact us.

    Please Do not contact me for authentication of bags. Please try the following Bag Authentication Section

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    Thanks for the clarification, Kelly. Some people just don't read before they heckle.
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    Dear Kelly,

    Kindly read what is actually happen to Adel25. And hope she will be able to revive her account here in DM. Because she was devastated this morning when she open up her computer. I am writing on behalf of her because I have dealing with her before.

    "She is telling the truth, after I read her threads, Initially she thought mg_waif stole the ebay seller's pictures but later realised that the ebayer stole mg_waif's pictures instead.

    she posted at mg_waif 's listings that the ebay seller stole her pictures. She is just doing a good will. Not bad intention. She also post copy and paste from the ebayer that want her to deal outside ebay through Paypal only. Please read her threads to mg_waif , the reply threads again. No ill intention just wanted to show and prove to all about the scam ebayer. She wanted to buy mg_waif's B30cm Brick that's why she realised those pictures are the same. And how could she tell which one is real or fake till she received and email through ebay told her that he or she was not in town while the listing ended. And gave her a chance to deal outside if Adel25 wanted. Adel25 ebay id: is luxsociety. 100% feedback. Since 2003.

    More over she is new in DM. Also she do not know how to turn off the the follow up threads that once she asked question and if the sellers keep Bumping and the emails from the seller keep coming getting into her Blackberry help disturbing her during at odd hours. That's why she offended one of the Sellers here too. And the Seller did complained to Kelly. Hope this will really clear the air. She is ignorance about options and deletions here in DM.

    The reason she voice out because she do not want people to be cheated over at DM, especially those posting from overseas and ask to do and money transfer or pay for fees that the sellers suppose to bear the cost. Because that is the practise over at ebay and do not know the rule over here in DM.

    Her posting for a Toolbox 26cm Etoupe pictures also stolen by a long time DM seller here and posted on her Facebook. Which I do not want to name the Seller. This particular seller just got a complain from a buyer at Hall of Shame. Buyer from Brunei. Complain about buying a Birkin from long time DM seller that told lies after lies.

    For all DM seller here please be fair to Adel25. She meant Well for all buyers and Sellers. She sold stuffs to buyers they are all very happy. Because she is sincere and honest in her dealings. Please check before pointing fingers at her.

    I wanted to buy some items from her but some she decided to keep for herself because she is a collectors of over 50+ Hermes Bags not for resale. unless she do not like the colour or she got many of the same colours. All Brand New from Hermes Stores Singapore or Europe. She is a house wife that do nothing but shop.

    Of course she also sell her other brand of stuffs that still look brand new which she do not use it anymore and sit in her closet.

    Best Wishes for all the above that contribute to this thread. "

    Kelly this is what I had written to mg_waif thread this morning.

    Sincerely yours,

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    Hi Kelly

    I actually want to highlight a buyer namely Ramos Adrian
    (email : [email protected])

    I am actually unsure if the person is a buyer from deluxemall.

    But deluxemall is the only website that I have been selling my bags on.

    This person actually sent me an email stating his interest to purchase my bag. He informed that he is actually from the US but is buying a bag that I had posted for his daughter in Malaysia , Sarawak to be specific.

    I felt suspicious and would like to know if any other sellers have come across such person.

    Please assist.

    Thank you.
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    Hi Tiara,

    I have a similar request by someone (of a different name) who claimed he was from the US and wanted to buy a bag that I listed on craigslist. He said he wanted to post it to KL where his wife was staying. At that time, I was newbie seller and was quite keen to close the deal but my instincts told me something was not quite right. So I told him that I needed him to pay in full first before I would send the package. He said ok and he would pay me through Paypal first.

    Subsequently, I received a mail (in my SPAM folder, which is a tell-tale sign that something is fishy) from "Paypal" stating that I have received payment from this person but this payment is put on hold as a "protection to the buyer". I was told in the email that I would need to furnish Paypal with a tracking number of the package before the money would be released to me. So I called the Paypal support hotline to enquire about this and the assistant who answered my call told me this was a scam. Paypal would never freeze a payment to await for a tracking number. Scammers generate fake emails from Paypal in order to trick sellers into sending the package - Because if you need a tracking number, you will need to send a package right? People who got scammed would find out only after their packages are sent and by that time, the packages would be on their way to another country and there is nothing that could be done about it.

    So now I have a very firm policy of dealing only locally. Who knows what new tricks these scammers are up to nowadays.

    My advise to you would be the same. Deal face to face with real money and real products that you can see. Don't take risks just to close a deal.

    Hope that helps.
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