Dear All,
Many members have raised the concern on privacy and confidentiality of your personal information.

We like to reassure everyone that all private information given to us shall be kept private with us. Under no circumstance shall we disclose any private information to any of our members.

Deluxemall DOES NOT sell or release names to members, individuals, agencies or organizations except as lawfully required by appropriate legal process such as a subpoena, court order, Singapore Police Force or other valid legal process.

This is to say, we will NOT disclose the personal information unless a police report has been filed and the authority request us to disclose this information to them. Under no circumstance shall we disclose this personal information to any members or individual when requested.

Any private information disclosed at the Hall of Shame by our members shall be removed when requested. Like any other forum, content here is self generated by our members. We are not able to control what our member post here but we do exercise editorial control over, and to review, edit or amend any posting, thread, data, information, materials or contents that contain private and sensitive information. We also moderate what can and cannot be posted when it is first posted here at the hall of shame. Not all content posted here are approved.


  • A buyer decide not to buy after viewing the bag
  • Either party decide not to swap
  • A seller decide not to sell
  • Slandering, personal attack, slanderous attack, abusive comment and name calling
  • Lying and making false accusation
  • A deal that went sour
  • A buyer bought a "faulty" bag but authentic even after checking face to face
  • A buyer bought an authentic bag that is not as described even after checking face to face

Reason why we do not allow such postings to be posted is because there is no way we can validate such transaction that we regard as "Sour Deals".

That is why we only recommend face to face transaction. Take your time to view the bag and to check the bag thoroughly and make sure you really want and make sure it is authentic before paying. If you decide to back off, it is fine. Do not worry your name will not be posted here.

If you are seller and has sold an authentic bag and the buyer come back now for refund after a face to face transaction, dun worry your name will not be posted here as well.

We are also aware of members who restore to tactics like I shall report to the hall of shame or to Kelly. We do take a very clear distinction between a complaint and a fraud.

Looking at some of the following cases that were reported here at Hall of Shame previously. The community will not be informed, get their refund or even aware that they are cheated without this section:

Hall of shame is created not to instill fear into our members but to give them a sense of security knowing that when they are cheated that they will get their money back. It is not perfect however we shall continue to improve and monitor what can and cannot be posted here. Its purpose is protect the interest of not only the buyer but the seller as well. Unfortunately we cannot stop scam artist from signing up but the least we can do is to slow them down by imposing stricter measures and rally every members attention to bring them to justice here.

To find out more on what and what can and cannot be posted here at Hall of Shame, please see below