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Thread: Is this considered a scam? can't help but feel cheated!

  1. Unhappy Is this considered a scam? can't help but feel cheated!

    I thought about sharing this with everyone for a while but never got down to do it till now. Just in case you’re thinking of reading on, please let me warn you…. it’s a long story.

    I came across deluxemall sometime in December and whilst browsing through the designer bag pages, saw this post for a brand new red chanel jumbo. Out of curiosity, I emailed the seller for her best price. To cut the story short, we eventually agreed on a price and agreed to meet somewhere in town for payment and collection. I was with a friend when the seller came to meet me and she looks like a very nice and friendly person, and we hit off pretty well, yakking about our prized possessions and what not.

    When I reached home to inspect the bag, I realized that the seller had left her letter box key inside the pocket (bearing in mind that this was supposed to be a brand new bag). I text her about this and she claimed that her sister has mistakenly left her letterbox key in the wrong bag for her. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and left it as that.

    Very soon, she began to share about her “lobang” of being able to get Chanel bags from Paris directly. Tempted, I asked her for the price of a classic jumbo bag that was already out of stock (past season). She did a check with her SA in Paris and claimed that there was still 1 piece in the warehouse and quoted me for that. Delivery time indicated by her was about 2 weeks but I’ll have to place a 50% deposit upfront, as she’ll have to TT the amount over to Chanel before they can arrange for shipment. Being a very trusting person (big mistake as I found out later), I transferred money to her bank account. There after, I told my friend about this “lobang” to get past season’s bag and she also ordered 2 chanel bags from her (and paid 50% deposit for them as well).

    Less than 1 week later, the seller ping me again and told her that she can get Hermes bags from Paris without having to queue up for 1 or 2 years. Maximum: 3-4 months. Collection in Hermes Singapore boutique. Wow….that must be god send. And the price that she quoted me was just slightly higher than the price that I would have to pay in Paris, plus I get to choose any colour that I wanted! What else can I ask for right? For the last few days in December, I was like a crazy woman surfing through the websites trying to decide which colour and leather I wanted. After I ordered 1 birkin, she came back with a more attractive offer from her Paris SA, from special discount for more orders as they are trying to meet their quarterly target, to offering exotic skins such as croc and ostrich, to finally offering special deals for new Birkins with older stamps. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I ordered 5 birkins from her in total (you can do the math on how much deposit I’ve paid her). She has even taken my address so that Hermes can input my details into their system. Some people would think that I’m silly or even stupid to trust someone that I barely know, with such as large sum of money. Anyway, lesson learnt!

    Time came when she was supposed to deliver those bags. Chanel bags didn't appear after 2 weeks. Then 3 weeks and 4 weeks. First was the snowstorm in paris, delay in shipment. Then some other excuses on the bags being stuck at customs due to GST payment and then finally, after almost 3months, she asked my friend to collect her Cambon Tote at the Taka Chanel store. She went with us, paid using her credit card and told us that the bag was charged at Paris pricing because of the “connection” that she has with both the local and Paris SAs. Still outstanding were 2 more Chanel bags (1 classic jumbo and 1 bubble quilt bowler and 6 Hermes Birkins (my friend ordered 1 from her as well). Not forgetting that the bag was supposed to be from Paris and don’t ask me why she land up having to fulfill that order from Singapore instead. And I wonder why she/Chanel never bothered to chase up on the lost shipment (assuming that she has already TT the amount over to Chanel Paris when we first placed our orders). Maybe its still sitting at the custom somewhere

    Meanwhile, I continued to chase her for my chanel and birkins. She assured me that her Singapore SA has managed to locate 1 piece in the Singapore warehouse and I should be able to collect from the Taka store 2 days later, after they are done with some quality check. When it was time to meet her to collect the bag, she said that the bag cannot be released as they found a scratch on the bag and hence, cannot be sold. Obviously, I wasn’t too happy after waiting for the chanel bag for almost 3months now. Miraculously, her Singapore SA managed to locate 2 bubble quilt bowler bags for her (one for my friend). So, she offered to exchange mine with the bubble quilt. Not wanting to be left without a bag after so long, I accepted her proposal and made plans to meet her one of the evenings together with my friend to collect both our bowlers.

    She came, but only with 1 bowler, my friend’s. Reason? Her sister forgot and left mine at home. What a bummer! After collecting the bag from her, my friend realized that the bag that she sold her was, in fact, in used condition. She threatened to report her to CASE and requested her for full refund. She accepted without hesitation and told my friend that she’ll return to Chanel boutique for full refund!! Anyone working from Chanel reading this, you should be aware that this is happening. She is a VIP in the store and told me the name of her SA. Coincidentally, I saw a post selling the same colour bag in deluxemall recently. Not sure if it’s the same bag sold to my friend. If so, this bag is definitely not new (as claimed by the seller).

    Anyways, she asked me if I still wanted the bowler and I told her I wanted my money back as well. This closed the episode for Chanel bags.

    Next up, happening concurrently was my agonizing experience with her on my Hermes bags.

    She was supposed to deliver 1 Rouge Garrance birkin to me in February and the rest of the birkins starting 1st week March (one a week). Let me give you the list of “reasons” given for each delay:
    - Snowstorm in Paris(similar to chanel above)
    - Craftsman on leave, not in Singapore (cannot do QC). Must wait for craftsman to be back. My friend later told me that the craftsman has already gone back and won’t be coming anytime soon.
    - Told her I don’t need to do QC. She said got to wait for a specific SA to be around before she can collect her bag. No points for guessing. Yes, SA on leave. I told her that I have a friend who used to work in Hermes and she knows the Hermes store manager. Hence, might be able to get my friend to help to talk to the store manager. Then she started accusing me of telling my friend about this special arrangement that she had with both the Paris and Singapore Hermes SAs.
    - Grandfather passed away. Had to fly to KL
    - Mother admitted to hospital
    - Finally she told me that she didn’t want to sell me the bags anymore as I told her that I want to sell my bag to my friend. She blamed me for letting my friend know the price that she quote me and I shouldn’t have sold my friend at the same price that she sold me. In addition, she said that her craftsman ID can be tracked easily if I sold her bag to my friend and that will get her into trouble. Honestly, it doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t really understand what shes saying. I’m just sick and tired of waiting for these bags and if my friend doesn’t mind, she can continue waiting.

    Alas, I decided enough is enough, after 3 long months of frustration and disappointment. I decided to get all my money back from her. She was supposed to transfer the full amount into my account after 3 days as the amount is large. After 3 days, I only receive 30% of the amount. Reason being that there is a minimum cap on the daily amount that can be transferred via inter-bank. Next day another 30%. Third day, only 20%. Forth day, nothing. I chased her about it and guess what? Shes flying off to Taiwan for holiday for the weekend. She said that she has given standing order for her bank to transfer and shes not sure why it was not done. She even told me that if I need the money urgently, she can ask her sister to transfer abit to me first. I was really fuming mad as she was the one owing me money and not the other way round. Then finally, after almost 2 weeks of battling, I got all my money back. Phew! What a relief!

    I’m considered lucky as I managed to recover all my money. I’m not sure why this seller is doing this to people. She took my money for more than 3 months and I could have earned some interest had I invest somewhere with that amount of money. Luckily I didn’t agree to go into some bag business with her as she said that she’s able to roll the money with the initial investment put in. What an irony!

    It’s a painful experience and lesson for me. Hope this serve as a precautionary measure to other ladies who might be in contact with this seller. For those of you who suspect that you might be dealing with the same person, feel free to PM me and I can share more with you. She has changed her user ID couple of times and I’m not sure if I should be sharing her user ID publicly.

    Having said that, I still believe that there are other lovely sellers out there. Online shopping is still fun and I will continue to buy bags from deluxemall. Just have to be careful on who i'm dealing with next time.

    FYI: this seller has a blogspot selling Hermes and Chanel bags, and she also has a partner with her. She sometimes advertised for pre-order of Hermes and Chanel bags.
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    They probably used your money to roll and get themselves out of some financial difficulties at that point in time..
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    maybe she thought can roll in with the plans but didn't happen and got out of her hands.

    plus, never ever order expensive items paying yr money in advanced via somebody u don't know at all!!!!!!!!it doesn't worth the anxiety u'll have till u see the bag.
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    wa, u r very lucky to get all your monies back!!
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    thank you ladies for your valuable inputs. i kind of suspected that she use my money to roll as well. and i can't imagine that someone her age (only 24 years old) can do things like that. u can't imagine how many sleepless nights i had from the frustrations. hiaz... and i won't be surprised that she'll continue to try this on other victims as well. thats why i need to share this here so that people can be alerted on the kind of seller she is.
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    From what I know Chanel in Europe and USA has their summer sale and winter sale.So during this two period seasonal items may have discount.Even in Hong Kong also have but very limited stocks as it would have been snapped up by the locals.I just bought a 2.55 jumbo two weeks ago while on business trip.Yes,it is ture that the jumbo is quite limited in stock but still able to get.

    Birkins in Europe could be easily available but only the common colours like black,brown.But in Japan and Hong Kong there are alot of very good quality pre-owned ones and brand new ones selling at Milan station.But prices quite high though.Btw am interested to know what price did she sell the Birkin to you.Maybe you can PM me.

    Frankly I think she took your money and rolled over at interest free.
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