We hope everyone can be clear under our posting rules, we do not allowed set up of multiple accounts to promote the same listings @ Deluxemall


Violating any of the rules will result in having your account banned immediately
  • Signing up multiple accounts
  • Spamming - creating multiple threads to advertise the same item
  • Spamming - Bumping countless times within a day***
  • Spamming - creating multiple accounts to promote the same item by bumping
  • Self promotion using these multiple accounts
  • Stealing photo from other listings and post it as your own
  • Posting of Stockphoto (which infringe Copyright)
  • Copyright infringement of photo and content
  • Selling fake bags
  • Posting items with no intention to sell
  • A police case has been filed
  • Posting unauthorized advertising link at the bag section
  • Posting external link to promote your website or referring members to other sites
  • Posting insulting, offensive, rude and abusive posts to our members* (Please refrain from typing content in capitals as this is considered as "shouting" and therefore rude)

We have found and banned several members that have set up multiple accounts to promote the same listing.

We want to give everyone an equal opportunity to sell and promote their listing here. That is why if you try to bump too often your replies shall be merged with your earlier bumps.

Each Sales listing is tied to each member. If everyone start setting up multiple accounts to promote the same items, Deluxemall will be flooded with bumps and spams. This shall also deprive others an opportunity to promote their items.

If anyone feel that this rule is not necessary, you can drop your comments here.