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    Default PAYPAL SCAM:

    Please beware of this person.


    He emailed me and showed interest in my Marc Jacobs bag. He said his wife is in Malaysia and would like me to mail it there.

    After showing him the registered article number of the parcel, he sent me a fake paypal email and requested me to transfer to $3400 to an OCBC account for oversea paypal account activation.
    I then realized it's a scam but it is too late. I've contacted the respective banks and also made a police report.

    I quickly email malaysia post and was lucky enough to get back my bag.

    Account Number - 59-2-990152-6
    Bank Name - Standard Chartered Bank (SG)
    Branch Code - 059

    Bank Name : OCBC Bank (SG)
    Account Number : 568-9-05874

    Branch Code : 568

    Name : Stephanie Anthony
    Address : B-6-2,Vista Prima Condo,Bandar Puteri,47100 PUCHONG, SELANGOR
    City : Kualar Lumpur
    Country : Malaysia

    Beware of this person! I believe he is still around trying to scam people. He has been using Malaysia number to whats app me and telling me he is "interested" in my other items by using another name. I can't be bothered to reply once I see it's an oversea number.
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    Now he is using another name Tim

    This is what he said:
    Ok...I'm in USA but want to send it to my wife in Malaysia, Kindly
    send me total cost including postage via Registered air mail to the
    address below & also bank to bank or Paypal is ok for payment....

    First Name : Lailah Cordova Penon
    Address : A-3-2,Koi Tropika Condo,Bandar Puteri,47100 PUCHONG, SELANGOR
    City : Kualar Lumpur
    Country : Malaysia

    Stay Blessed

    I asked him not to do this anymore because everyone knows about it,
    Now he's angry and said he will teach me a lesson.
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    This scammer contacted me using
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    I just received the email from too.
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    Please take note! This guy emailed me too. Using TIm as a hook. Take note

    Can't seem to post our emails and the scam PayPal image here, anyone keen help please email me at I can forward more
    Information over! Thanks a lot and please stay alert!!
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    Hi i will like to add that I've also been approached by this person!
    He contacted me with the name Tim A and his email is

    I had contacted PayPal and they have verified that this is not legitimate. They advised that I should report this to the police, report it on Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home as well as email

    His MO includes requesting to pay via paypal and after I sent him the PayPal payment request, he emailed me with the following:

    Hello ,

    I've made the payment.....Do check your email for the confirmation
    mail from Paypal....So kindly ship asap & send the shipment receipt to
    Paypal for their verifications so they can process and credit your
    account just as the normal procedure & also you can check your junk
    mail in case the confirmation mail is there.

    The "email" from paypal was indeed in my Spam mail which was what made me suspect the legitimacy. PayPal has verified that they will not do this and any payment made will be reflected in my PayPal account.

    The shipping address and recipient he shared is similar to what sushiflowercake had shared.

    Pls watch out for him!
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