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Thread: Do not buy anything from Overseas Seller from USA, Malaysia or overseas

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    This person needs to be arrested! I've reported her to the FBI and local police and I'm going to call her local police and file a report too!! Sterling heights Michigan 586-446-2800!! Everyone do the same maybe we can make a difference!! Put her behind bars!!!
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    I got scammed by Sydney Daliaa!! Citizens bank account!! DONT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH CITIZENS (charter one) they have NO fraud protection when you transfer money into an account!! Lost $800 And the bank has done nothing to recover it yet!! I met her on poshmark under the name of LVcollect aka Pepper D... She has deleated her account since I put money into her account.. Her email is
    she also had me like her Instagram bagspa_consignment now with nothing on the page!! She's committed a felony!!
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    I have just been scammed by Sydney Dalia too! Is there a way we can all get her I want to report to and US embassy in SG., and also can't we lodge complaint to the bank and have all evidences against her?? the bank cannot NOT do anything if they are helping her receiving fraud monies!!
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    I just got scammed by her too... USD 5000... OMG!!! We need to take her down...she is getting monies like these easily!! can we all report her to US embassy?? I am going to do that in SG and also report her to !!! I feel like a big fool now! She was using bag_spa as instagram and now, disappeared!! She could even said UPS screwed up her parcel and tracking number she gave were always wrong!! and she even claimed she would refund me but no monies arrive at all!! now I exposed her, and she completedly does not return whatsapp/ line messages... we need to do something!!!
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    Default Scammer

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
    Please do not buy anything from overseas sellers. We do not allowed sellers outside Singapore to post and sell here at Deluxemall. Anyone found doing so shall be banned.

    It has come to our attention that the following seller keep creating accounts and we keep banning him. If you spot any sellers outside Singapore post n selling here. Please report to us ASAP.



    BBM: 790636BA
    Whatsappp: +12487074075
    Whatsapp: +15865881965

    Scam committed elsewhere

    Please be reminded that there is nothing we can do to help you if you decide to buy from sellers outside Singapore.
    I performed a partial trade with "Auth_bags" on poshmark. She scammed me out of my +$2,000 Louis Vuitton Sully MM plus $700 that was refunded to me by my bank. I mailed bag to a address here in the USA. Please continue to warn people about this seller!!!!
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    I am pretty sure this is the address where I mailed my LV bag. Perhaps she leaves here
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