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Thread: Do not buy anything from Overseas Seller from USA, Malaysia or overseas

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    Thumbs down Do not buy anything from Overseas Seller from USA, Malaysia or overseas

    Please do not buy anything from overseas sellers. We do not allowed sellers outside Singapore to post and sell here at Deluxemall. Anyone found doing so shall be banned.

    It has come to our attention that the following seller keep creating accounts and we keep banning him. If you spot any sellers outside Singapore post n selling here. Please report to us ASAP.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]


    BBM: 790636BA
    Whatsappp: +12487074075
    Whatsapp: +15865881965

    Scam committed elsewhere

    Please be reminded that there is nothing we can do to help you if you decide to buy from sellers outside Singapore.

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    Do not buy or transact or even entertain inquiries from the following email or phone number

    Whatspps is +12487074075
    Whatsapp: +15865881965

    He or she may be selling something or pretend to be interested in your item then tell you that he or she has contact to get authentic hermes for you. Requesting deposit from you.

    If you found such inquiries, please report to us immediately

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    Her IG is Hermesluxury_
    More info fro this scam seller. Another name that she may use is lisa [email protected]
    or lisa dalia
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    Her contact number is as follow

    Whatspps is +12487074075
    Whatsapp: +15865881965

    Email : [email protected]

    She will not accept paypal and ask you to transfer to Western Union. She will keep asking you to make the instant payment. Once you make the payment, she will continue lie to you about the bag send out with fake tracking number.
    She will also tell you that her sister work at Hermes boutique shop in FL that why the bag price is cheap.
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    Just to let everyone know.
    She is on Instagram under the ID hermesluxury_ too
    She took a picture of my Lindy and posted it on her Instagram on the pretext that she is a reseller and she can take help to check with her customers.

    Now I do not know how to ask her to take it down? Hope no one pays her money for the Lindy bag based on my picture.
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    She is still posting her bags in deluxmall everyday. I am following her post and will tell everyone that she is scammer. My friend already have police report in USA. We will follow her to ensure that she can not scam other people.
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