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Thread: i think i am scammed :(

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    I was almost fooled by the same scammer too. Looks like she hasnt gave up scamming people. Thank God i was notified by my bank regarding the payee and was asked to furnish with additional details. Seller responses was suspicious as her stories started to show loopholes. Shortly after, my bank's investigation team called me despite afterhours with regards to the payee and was they were able to stop the transaction in time.

    Here are some information gathered:
    Seller identified as: Syd
    IG Acct: Bagspac_
    Account Name: Mark Margilaj
    Address: 5753 Pine Aires Dr, Sterling Heights MI 48314
    Bank Account #: 1520128495
    Routing/Clearing #: 121000248
    Swift/BIC: WFBIUS6S
    Bank Name: Wells Fargo
    Bank Address: 420 Montgomery San Francisco, CA 94104

    Additonal Details
    Date of Birth: 8/2/1993
    Place of Birth: Hamtramck, USA
    Profession: Mechanic
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    Hope you will get your money back. It's better to buy from local sellers next time. Best of luck and do keep us updated here.
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    The scanner is still at large!! Be careful!! This post just saved me so I would like to return the favour!!
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    Scammer is still at large. Do not make payments to the account Mark Margilaj.
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    Manila, Philippines


    Hello everyone!

    Just wondering if all of you guys are from Singapore? Anybody from the states?
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