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Thread: i think i am scammed :(

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    Default i think i am scammed :(

    I recently bought a chanel boy bag from this international seller on impulse,
    instagram: theluxuryclosett
    facebook: Lisa Dalia.
    i made payment 3 weeks ago. she said she had sent the parcel and gave me Usps tracking no. As well as receipt no. she also said she called up singpost and said that the parcel is in Singapore after i have enquiried endlessly. She said i have to collect from the Thomson Branch myself because no one was home when delivery was made. I told her i would need the singpost tracking instead of the usps one but she said i can get my parcel with the usps one. Fine, i went down today and the personel informed me that i have to have the tracking no. That singpost used for registered parcels. i continously asked her, staying 2 hours in Thomson hoping she would reply yet no replies were given.

    furthermore, she blocked me on instagram and whatsapp previously after i commented on several of her post to enquire her on the parcel. her potential customers started pm-ing me on her credibility and she had the audacity to unblock me on whatsapp because i was making her customers unhappy and told me not to spread bad names about her. And only replied to me on my enquiries(she made 1 or 2 replies and did NOT answer my main questions) when her customers started asking me about her. I told all her customers that i couldnt assure her credibility till I receive my bag hence i can only update them after i have receive my bag. She previously has tried to make me lie to a local potential reseller who was keen on purchasing from her. She wanted me to say that i have received my bag and bought another, and claim her to be credible! i, with my bag still MIA, discreetly told the reseller of this Dalia's motives.

    I have already resigned to the fact that I have been scammed and i would like to give a heads up to those who are approached by her or approaching her for bags. She sells Hermes mainly but has many other bags.

    Her carousell accounts are Suspended As well but i doubt she would stop her schemes.

    i have her whatsapp contact, bank number, email, facebook etc. if anyone wish to enquire abt anything, feel free to pm me.

    And if you have any way that could help me in my situation, do share though i am not keeping my hopes up.

    Thank you dears.
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    hi thanks for sharing...perhaps you can share her facebook, email and whatsapp contact here..
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    Hi sorry to hear about that. just hoping you can get your money back and feel better soon
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    Hi pinkvanilla
    I think I just got scammed by her too
    I bought a Hermes bag from her and she keeps bugging me every hour till I made foreign transfer to her in the bank
    Now I had made the payment and she said she sent thru Ups. But yet to give me tracking no after I chase her

    Just found her Instagram changed from

    And her FB account with her mum
    Lisa Dalia oso not available anymore

    How do u manage to get your bag?
    I did once comment asking her on my parcel tracking no cox she has no reply on her theluxuryclosett Instagram , she oso warned me not to comment.

    I am still in touch with her and feel hopeless to get the bag and even my refund of usd1000 as per her words

    Many one can give me advice?
    Thank you

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    Hi..I am writing on behalf of my sis..she got scammed by this lady name sydney margilaj..I suppose is the same person u have sis did not buy anything from her but agreed to exchange her Hermes with Hermes..and send parcel at the same sis waited for 2 weeks but to no avail..then she msg sydney and she gave a lot of excuses until my sis's Instagram with "the luxuryclosett" got block by sis was told by her friend that sydney post her Hermes on the Instagram and for sale..then she realise got con by this lady..I have got some details under my Instagram account name "lizard0166" sis has file a police report and she is going to seek advice from MPs..she want me to leave her phone no here..if u guys want to share ur experience..97313756..please also feel free to go to my Instagram to look at her photo..thanks for ur time
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    Default sis name is June..please also help to share..thanks
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