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Thread: SCAMMED ALERT!!! Malaysia syndicate!!!!!!!!!!

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    Exclamation SCAMMED ALERT!!! Malaysia syndicate!!!!!!!!!!

    Ladies who get your bags from organised Europe shopping spree / luxury outlets in UK and Europe from other platforms or those who do buy from car0usell please be aware of this user sgauthentic_shop from car0usell. I do not know if she has other accounts across other platforms but there's been police reports against her. She claims her stuffs are authentic, direct from boutiques or outlets and will refund if found fake. And for the price she's asking u won't think it's fake probably as the figures are 4 digits and up which seems reasonable and possible should she minus the VAT or if they were purchased from outlets. And worst is the high number of followers she has so u probably think she's an authentic legit seller.
    Her stuffs are apparent fakes. And like all scammers she doesn't refund. And worst is her attitude. She dares her victims to report to the police as according to her the police can't do anything to her since she's Malaysian.
    And there are more than 1 of them. They r a syndicate from Malaysia, coming out to Singapore frequently to scam Singaporeans.
    Sabrina_yc is another member in the same syndicate. If u look at their ad listings they r almost identical and operate in the same manner.
    So please all bag lovers please be careful. As mentioned I do not know if she exists here in deluxemall or any other platforms, so please be very cautious. Her mobile is 86576624. Name according to her Nichoel Lee Lai Kwan, used to work at Celebrity Fitness Gym at Bukit Timah.
    Have attached her car0usell page which contains her wechat too.
    Please baglovers be careful. And if you know of anyone who had previously bought bags from her, please get them to authenticate it.
    Boutiques do not do authentication services but u can always get reliable online authentication or get it authenticated at a second hand shop by pretending to sell your bag.
    Thank you.

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