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Thread: !!BEWARE OF "AARON BENNET" with email [email protected]!!

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    Default !!BEWARE OF "AARON BENNET" with email [email protected]!!

    This scammer is the most unintelligent person I have ever met😂My toes could not stop laughing when he tried to cheat me of $595. Here is how the story goes:

    Sept 15, on my birthday😭.....

    Email (1) Aaron:

    Hi! I want the 2) b30 etoupe togo phw sgd xxxxx
    and also i'm not coming anytime soon! Just want it shipped over there,
    After concluding a total price, I can do a bank transfer to you over
    there in SG.

    Email (2) Aaron:
    I'm currently overseas but want to send it to someone in the
    US,Let me know the total price including postage & bank to bank or
    Paypal is ok for payment....

    Email (3) Aaron:
    OK! You can check as well,Kindly confirm and let me
    know the total cost including shipping.

    Name : Christine Bennet
    Address : 1899 Pennington Rd, Ewing Township, NJ 08628
    Country : USA


    So, as very sincere seller, i rushed to get dhl arranged, bought some bubble wraps & nicely packed the item for delivery.

    Sept 16.....the next day....

    Email (4) Aaron:

    I've made the payment but i received a notification from the bank now
    about the transfer, Is it true that this is the first time you are
    receiving a money transfer from usa? your account is not yet activated
    for a usa transfer? i'm not happy about this because your account
    needs to be activated before you can take the transfer from citi
    bank,they debited the account activation fees which is 595sg$ from my
    account...check your inbox and junk mail for the account activations
    email from the bank.

    The 595sg$ is just a form of verification (As said by the bank) it
    will be credited back into your account with the xxxxxsg$, so total
    you will get in your account after you have send the 595sg$ to the
    posb bank account provided and send the ibanking or atm receipt to
    them is 595sg$ + Xxxxxsg$..


    At the same time, I also received another email from "Citi-Bank Group"...when i clicked on the address, it is [email protected]....

    Dear Valued Customer,
    Transfer of SG:$xxxxx has been wired to your account stated below, All the verification has been made & the transfer is ready to be confirmed into your bank. But while making the transfer we realized that your account has never got a transfer from a USA Authorized Account internationally before ,Which you will need to activate before you can get the transferred amount in your account.

    Bank Name : POSB (SG)
    Account Number : xxxxxxx
    Name : Shinie

    Account Activation - A refundable activation fees of SG:$595 will be paid for account activation from any country across the globe, We have contacted Mr Bennet and we have already debited his account with the sum of SG:$595.

    We Apologize for any Inconvenience As this is the Lined Policy of Citi Bank to secure both seller and buyer. This said amount has already been debited from Mr Bennet account

    Note : This said SG:$595 You are sending back will be credited back into your Account along with theSG:$xxxxx. The SG:$595 is just a form of verification and activation fees .IT IS REFUNDABLE.

    Here is the Banking Information for the SG:$595 to be sent via ATM or Online Banking Transfer :

    Account Number - 189-45026-5
    Bank Name - POSB (SG)

    Note: Once the Online or ATM receipt has been sent to us you will receive a "Confirmation Email" from us informing you that the Money has been credited,The processing takes atleast 24hrs.

    Thank you for using CitiBank
    The Citi Intl Team


    The minute i received these 2 emails, immediately i knew this was a fraud. There were so many loopholes in this scam OMG. Even my 3 year old kid can detect it!!! Next, I went on to check on the delivery address given. Guess what? There is no unit 1899😭😭😭invalid address! Also did a wikipedia read up on the estate. Population of 36k people? Median income of usd56k per year, can anyone afford a birkin there? Or will anyone be using a birkin there??

    Hello Mr Aaron Bennet, if you are reading my post right now, pls use your brains for goodness sake🙄🙄🙄my eyeballs met my brains many times over this incident.
    Thank you for giving me a great weekend🙄🙄🙄Best birthday present ever.😭😭😭😭

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    Thanks for posting this. He just PM me. His email add was suspicious so I did a quick search and came across your post. He has a new nick now and I've reported him to the admin.
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    Thanks for highlighting this in forum.

    He is now tagged to an email [email protected] Beware everyone!
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    Forgot to add that his new nick is "Blueberry30".
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    couple of days an email from aaro[email protected] story about buying to send to m' beware...
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    Can I check why is this “blueberry30” not banned from the website yet? He is still actively trying to scam in this forum.
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