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Thread: SCAM ALERT!! Must read!! Buyer name Tim Anthony

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    Default SCAM ALERT!! Must read!! Buyer name Tim Anthony

    Tim Anthony([email protected]) emailed me to buy a ring from me.
    Asked me to send to his wife:
    Lailah Anthony
    B-2-2, Vista Millenium Condo
    47100 Puchong, Selangor
    Told me that amount is transferred to my account.
    soon after, citibank emailed me, in order to receive payment, i have to make a payment of activation account of $850 to this said posb acc: 40427942. then, later said there's a min transfer of $2,500 per transaction and asked me to deposit into this
    DBS acc: 012-018957-5
    All these happens from 16th November 2014 when this Tim emailed me.
    And till last night he is still asking me to deposit more activation fees!!
    i jus called citibank n they actually got a memo email on 20th nov that there is such a scam case!!

    that said citibank is using this email: confirmation [email protected]

    Watch out members!
    I'm on my way to the police station!
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    Thank you for posting this. Same guy just contacted me too, everything the same. I was worried at first, because he has my bank details, but I have called the bank and they said that he cannot do anything with just account number. They advised to make a police report, in case he tries to some how turn it around to sound like HE is the one being scammed.

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    Actually what tipped me off was that no bank would hold money for someone wanting to buy a product from an individual. And the email from citibank looked fishy as there were grammatical errors all over, and also the fact that the sender email address which was supposed to be citibank, was infact something completely different - [email protected]

    Other avenues of reporting:
    Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home
    How to Report a Scam

    Upon further research, I found that this guy was previously known as Wilson Anthony, and still kept the same address in Malaysia - over a year ago.
    Lets stay alert and stop these scammers from coming back!
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    This guy contacted me before also.
    Hope you can get back ur money.
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    I am nearly fell into his scam. Luckily i was in time to retrieve my branded bag from SingaporePost. How i wish to come across this forum before do anything.
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    omg, he emailed me too... luckily i read this post... this is what he reply me when i told him the bag is still available...
    Ok...I'm in USA but want to send it to someone in Malaysia, Kindly
    send me total cost including postage via Registered air mail to the
    address below & also bank to bank or Paypal is ok for payment....

    First Name : Lucy Anthony
    Address : B-3-2,Zen Residence Condo,47100 PUCHONG, SELANGOR
    City : Kualar Lumpur
    Country : Malaysia

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    sorry to hear about your case. I am not very active here so didn't read this message untill now. I just email administrator 10 to 15 min ago to highlight about this suspicious newcomer with the same email address.. he is active in another online buy n sell platform too. after I send the email to report him, then I chance upon your message. he contact me a few times trying to buy a few of my items and also to be send overseas. as I dun do overseas business, so I reject his offer, if not I m also one of the victim.
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