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Thread: How to avoid being BANNED at Deluxemall - POSTING RULES

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    Default How to avoid being BANNED at Deluxemall - POSTING RULES

    Violating any of the rules will result in having your account banned immediately
    • Signing up multiple accounts
    • Spamming - creating multiple threads to advertise the same item
    • Spamming - Bumping countless times within a day***
    • Spamming - creating multiple accounts to promote the same item by bumping
    • Posting in the wrong section. For example, posting LV item in Chanel section
    • Self promotion using these multiple accounts
    • Stealing photo from other listings and post it as your own
    • Posting of Stockphoto (which infringe Copyright) or images, pictures, and photo from other websites (without written permission of the website owner)
    • Copyright infringement of photo and content
    • Selling fake bags here or anywhere else online
    • Posting items with no intention to sell
    • A police case has been filed
    • Posting unauthorized advertising link at the bag section
    • Posting external link to promote your website or referring members to other sites
    • Posting insulting, offensive, rude and abusive posts to our members* (Please refrain from typing content in capitals as this is considered as "shouting" and therefore rude)

    For commercial resellers and shop owners

    • No posting of shop address on posting
    • No posting of website, Facebook, Blog etc.

    For Shopping Spree Organizer

    • Only authorized shopping spree organizers are allowed to conduct shopping spree. Click Here for detail

    Finally, we reserve the right to (1) Remove any thread/post or (2) Suspend/Banned any members that we perceive to be outside our guidelines, at our discretion without further explanation**

    Frequency Asked Questions:

    So what is allowed in a post?
    If you are posting an item for sale, you can indicate only the following as contact detail

    1. Email
    2. Phone
    3. Private Message

    Why is external link not allowed?
    Deluxemall is created to provide an online community platform for Singaporean to trade designer handbags. If you run a bag business, you are invited to join and post but you have to post the same fashion like any other non-commerical sellers.

    Why is advertising my business not allowed?
    Same reason as above

    Why can't I conduct shopping Spree?
    Click Here for detail

    What sort of photo or image can I post?
    You are only allowed to post photo of the actual item you are selling .
    As long as you are the one that took the photo, it is fine.
    If you have problem uploading, email us the photo - [email protected]

    Any photo that you download online from other websites infringes copyright (unless you are given the permission to use it) and shall result your account been terminated.

    Can I get legally sued for using stock photo or image that I download from the internet?
    Yes you can be sued when you are Not authorized by the brand owner to use those photo. We like to warn all that currently brand owners are seeking our cooperation to identify these members.

    Can I sell fake items here (Even I when I admit it is fake)?
    No, You must not offer, sell, swap for, or buy any items which is not permitted by the Law of Singapore, such as Faux, Replicas or imitations of the original product. Anyone found selling fake here or anywhere else online shall be banned immediately.

    I am not based in Singapore, can I sell my bags here?
    No you are not allowed to sell at Deluxemall if you are not based in Singapore.

    * For unethical behavior of buyer/seller, you can launch a complaint to us. Complaining here is fine but refrain from making defamatory and abusive statement.
    ** We need to act on this right against members that we are aware are conducting illicit activities based on reasonable doubts
    *** Our recommendation is not more than 2 times a day

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    Hi kelly, the following members violated the infringe rules : leluxuria Atelie, Nepherisis & bagscraze.
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    Hi Kelly, my Id is irene7899 and trying to bring up one of my item-brand new Prada shoe but can't do it , please help, other item ok only the item for Prada shoe! Kindly assist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irene7899 View Post
    Hi Kelly, my Id is irene7899 and trying to bring up one of my item-brand new Prada shoe but can't do it , please help, other item ok only the item for Prada shoe! Kindly assist

    The reason is because you over-bump your posting. There is time limit between bumps else it will merged.

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