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    Just curious to know if our Prada boutiques have any exchange/swap policies similar to LV?

    For example if i bought something from 1 of their boutiques in overseas, can i exchange it for another item locally within a specific timeframe like 7days or 30days of purchase?

    Anyone has such experiences, mind sharing?

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    Yes. i bought one of my tote back shipped in from Hawaii (dated more then 7 days) but when I go Prada Ion, they do exchange for me, similar design but diff color. Not sure if they can swop to other designs. I've done it twice.....they Authenticity card will then be stamped Prada Ion and dated the day of exchange, receipt as well......
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    Many thanks for your reponse!

    Anyway just for the benefit of everyone in DM, i called Prada yesterday and enquired about their exchange policy.

    All exchanges must be done within 10 days from the date of receipt. Item must be returned in original un-used condition with full packaging (boxes & paperbags).

    No credit notes will be issued, if the item you exchanged for cost higher then the original, thus you will need to pay the difference, if new item cost lesser then the original, the remaining amount will not be refunded.

    If the original item purchased is from their overseas boutiques, they will give the equal value of the item as per sold in SG.

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    bump this up for awareness...
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