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Thread: (Authentic) Excellent condition Chanel Clutch with classic chain

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    Default (Authentic) Excellent condition Chanel Clutch with classic chain

    No low balling allowed.
    Asking price : SGD 1800


    Clutch with classic chain
    Caviar Skin & silver metal
    10.3 15 3.5 cm in
    Item Code Reference: A84512 Y01480 C3906

    Boutique Price: SGD 2,470
    Condition: 9.5/10 [Almost New]
    Reason of selling: Rarely used

    I bought it from Rome boutique on 21st Aug 2018. The receipt is misplaced but I can show you the proof of credit card transaction I made upon purchased it .
    It will come with dust bag, box,paper bag and authenticity card.

    Reference Link:{catalog01_one}/categories%3C{catalog01_one_fashion,cata log01_one_eyewear}/tridiv_variant_market%3E{unitedstates}/tridiv_variant_status%3E{active}/tridiv_variant_activationdate_united_sta tes%3C20190625/tridiv_variant_cancellationdate_united_s tates%3E20190625/tridiv_variant_nocomunication_united_sta tes%3E{false}/tridiv_variant_targetdiffusion_united_st ates%3E{web}/tridiv_producttype%3E{fshitem}/$s=Classic%20Clutch%20with%20Chain&fh_st art_index=0&fh_view_size=30

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    -whatsapp-image-2019-06-27-10.48.02-am.jpeg   -whatsapp-image-2019-06-27-10.48.06-am.jpeg   -whatsapp-image-2019-06-27-10.48.07-am.jpeg  

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