Dear Members,

To cope with spamming and allow everyone have a fair chance to post n seller whether you are an individual or a blogshop owner. We have decided to state new rules and regulation for the Kate Spade folder.

With effect from tomorrow, each member are only allow to create or "bump" or "up" not more than 5 threads in one single day.

We understand some seller sell more than 5 items but we are sorry to inform you that we need to enforce this rule else the entire folder will be spammed when one member post 10 to 20 posts, then another member will post 20-30 posts to create more visibility. This will be endless.


What is the 5 threads rules?
This is mean one "Main thread" + 4 "Item threads"

What is "Main thread"?
- Main thread is where you can advertise all your sales items
- You are only allow to create one "Main Thread"
- If you 5 items to sell, you can have option to post in 5 different posts or one single main post with all 5 items in one post.

What are "Item threads"?
- Items threads only contain information of that item that you are selling an example will be
- You can create or bump up to 5 of these (including main thread) within a day.

Le Pliage Butterfly/Dragonfly Series (1623373)

New Arrivals - Brand New Design Le Pliage "Butterfly/Dragonfly" Series
Ref: 1623373
Size: 30cm x 28cm x 20cm
Available in Bilberry, Black and Graphite
Price: $229

Email: [email protected]
- You are only allowed to create or up 4 item threads each day.

Does that mean I am not allow to create more than 5 threads in the Kate Spade folder?
Yes and No, You are allowed to create more than 5 threads BUT you cannot create or up any old thread more than 5 threads within a day.

For example, if you have 10 existing threads, you are only allowed to up that 5 out of the 10 threads on that day, you can consider upping the other 5 threads the next day.

What are consider Spamming threads?
Spamming thread are threads that contain content that repeat itself and does not contain any useful information like the bag you are selling or the price that you are selling.

We understand that you have more than 5 items but we need to be fair to everyone else the entire folder will be swarm by posts.

If you violate these rules and regulation, your account shall be suspended for 7 days. Further violation shall result in permanent ban and all your threads be deleted permanately from Deluxemall.

If you need further clarification, do not hesitant to contact us or reply to this thread if you are unclear.

If you notice anyone violating this rule, do not hesitant to inform us at [email protected]

If you have any suggestions to make this Folder a better place for all, you like to hear your feedback as well.