What is Allowed to be posted
Photos and Text that are created by yourself

What is Not Allowed to be posted
1. Photos and Text that are copied from other websites

2. Posting of Artwork such as Logo by Bag manufacturer

3. Taking artwork/photo copied that does not belong to you , editing it and making it your own

4. Copying and pasting the entire content of a product from other website and making it your own.

How about bag specifications like color, height, width etc?
It is OK to specify information such as measurements, weight, or other item specifications that are necessary to describe the item and simply canít be said any other way.

What we are against are members who copy the entire content from other websites and post it as their own

Offenders who violate the above posting guideline shall have their account suspended

If you believe you have violated the posting guideline, we strongly advise you edit all your posts immediately