Learn how to post and sell your bag within 3 minutes, we highly recommend that you spend 3 minutes going thru this post before you proceed

Following are 3 Basic Steps to start posting
Watch this video first before you start posting, all it takes is 3 minutes. If you still face problem, write to us at [email protected]

Step 1: Register an account
Step 2: Activate your account (if you are not able to activate, email us at [email protected] along with your userID)
Step 3: Post your bag to sell

If you have problem viewing , click below for the direct link on youtube
Click here to view the 3 Minutes Video on how to sell your bags at Deluxemall on YouTube


Common Problems

  • No activation emails, check your spam inbox else write to us at [email protected] to have it activate
  • Cannot upload photo, check to make sure your photo is not more than 200K in size. You can post without photo and email us the photo, we shall upload the photo for you
  • Still got problem? email us for help

Sorry I still cannot register, I have tried everything.
No worries, just email us your preferred username to [email protected], we shall register an account for you in 1 working day