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    Hi Kelly,please pm me if there is someone got scammed by Ng Lily hermes/miemie/yakopark, because this girl got caught by the Singapore police... And I already attached her pictures.
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    Suggestion: Able to create one folder for MCM since it's getting back its popularity now?
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    Hi Kelly. Have uploaded picture of receipt with my user name. Please check. Thanks
  4. My email is [email protected]
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    What's ur email to send pic with my username written on it? Will 1 pic do or u need 1 pic for every items I posted on DM for sale? Many tks
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    Hi may I know how I can post my ad in watches session?
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    hi kelly kindly pm me the address and the contact number of desmond yeo's dad. he is scamming on fb and i happend to buy from him. not only me a number of us got scammed. he straight away deactivate and create another new account again. At first was LuxuryStyle Fever Rebecca, now is Petites Chanel Gateries. kindly help me. please pm me or email me his details. i want to get back my money. thanks!
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    Hi Kelly,

    The dispute between Buyer, uhoo1314 and me had not been settled yet... can i report her? Or should I lodge a police report? Would appreciate your reply. Thanks.
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    Dear kelly. I bought a used prada bag abt a year ago from deluxemall seller 'baghaven'.. she sold a lot of used authentic chanel..prada.. etc.. today I resold the same bag I bought from her to another deluxemall buyer.. I told her to check it before purchase. She later wanted a refund stating that the bag I sold her is not authentic and wants to make a police report against me if I dont refund her, which I think is unfounded. If really the bag is not authentic, i too want a refund. Pls kindly advise. Thk u Kelly. http://deluxemall.com/prada/66581-so...-200-only.htmlhttp://deluxemall.com/prada/66581-so...-200-only.html
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    Hi Kelly

    On Sep 18, I made a 4k deposit to SnowBlind for a hermes rose Tyrien 25cm birkin. She had promised to deliver the bag on end of Sep. On due date, the bag was not delivered. I contacted her and she told me the bag will arrive only on weekend of 11th Oct. I spoke to her this evening(9th oct ) and she told me she may have been conned by her friend. I may not be able to get bag or my deposit back. Please help.

    Hi Kelly, afternumerous conversation with Snowblind, she had returned my deposit of SGD 4k this morning. However, I would like to share this experiences with you. No seller should sell bags if they do not have the ready stocks available.
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