have a couple of tickets to sell and swap.

first show 29/1/2011:
selling - 1 B13 at $160, 1 T14 at $210, 1 T01 at $210
swapping - 1 T07 for 1 pen A

2nd show 30/1/2011
selling - 2 T11 (not side by side. 1 row 22 the other row 17) at $210 each
swapping - A02 row 10 for A03 row 12 seat 1 or 4 or any seat along the row

will not be entertaining other requests other than what i've stated here. (if you're thinking of asking me to swap for the tickets i'm selling, please don't bother to ask)

email me at [email protected], sms me at 81986379 tweet me @andsoisaidyes or my friend @givemeajea