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Thread: SCAM ARTIST ALERT ... Beware of that WOLF in sheep's clothing

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    Default SCAM ARTIST ALERT ... Beware of that WOLF in sheep's clothing

    The fact that they are wolf in sheep's clothing mean
    they are able to relate a "convincing story" to deceive you.

    Some of their common tricks include (however do bear in mind some of these sellers are really 100% genuine)...

    • I have sold many bags here ...
    • I have "receipt"
    • I only deal with authentic bags
    • I wouldn't want to go to jail for selling fake bags
    • Some scam artists post stolen authentic photos in their sales thread but they are selling fake bags
    • Request money to be remit and bag send to you by mail (Please you will never know if the bag they send is real or fake, even if they show you the photo of a real bag, that photo can be stolen from somewhere)
    • Any many more ....

    Most of these cases that we witnessed here are scam artists who take advantages of our kindheartedness.

    Deluxemall is a free forum, we have no control over what are posted here. Buyers are warned to buy cautiously and to do their own authenticity check before purchasing.

    All fake sellers and scam artist shall be placed in the Hall of Shame - so we seek your cooperation to warn us so that others can be warned as well.

    Make use of bag sales agreement to

    protect yourself
    whether you are buyer or seller ...
    enclosed is a sample

    We shall not be hold responsible for any fraud or fake bag purchase here. In no event shall we be liable to you for any damages, losses, expenses, liabilities under any causes of action.
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